Our Roots - Symmetree's Story

The Symmetree story begins with a desperate need for change. Co-founders, Mike and Justin, are athletes whose careers were ultimately cut short due to various injuries and poor nutrition. This propelled them into a life of research which resulted in the practice of healthier living. The two friends decided that it wasn’t enough to just live healthier; they wanted to share their accumulated knowledge and newfound passions with others. They began working diligently in the kitchen of their own homes to perfect a handful of food bar recipes. Through several years of trial and error and product development, they formulated something truly unique and special.

Our Mission Today

At Symmetree Bar, we plan on continuing this journey and refuse to let money be our motivation. If we are to make a beneficial difference in this world, we must not be greedy and selfish, but compassionate and giving. The Symmetree Bar mission is simple: Nutrition with Purpose, Nature with Passion.

Nutrition with Purpose: We will provide the most nutritious and delicious food possible. This includes educating the public about the importance of good nutrition and how it continually impacts our daily lives. Every Symmetree Bar contains zero GMOs and otherwise controversial ingredients, and is sourced from suppliers with true integrity. Learn more about our ingredients.

Nature with Passion: Proceeds from every bar are donated to organizations focused on improving environmental and humanitarian issues. Our bars will not only fuel your body with the nutrients it craves, but help restore balance to the planet and its inhabitants. It's our shared responsibility to preserve this world for future generations. Learn more about our campaigns and the organizations making the world a better place.